Who do you think you are?

Does your brand or organisation come across the way you want it to? Do you sound abrupt or old-fashioned when you want to be warm or quirky?

Maybe there’s no consistency, so people aren’t sure what your brand personality is. Which means they’re more likely to turn to a competitor with a well-rounded brand voice that feels right for them.

How do you want to be?

Look at these two sentences:

Many apologies you were inconvenienced. We will do our utmost to make amends.  

So sorry! That must have been really annoying. We’ll definitely make it up to you.

They say the same thing but feel so different. One or neither might be right for you, but no brand should ever use both.

Your brand’s voice - develop, describe and apply it

Depending on the work you’ve already done, you might need all of the following or just one or two. Whatever stage you’re at, I can help you by:

  • Establishing and/or defining your brand personality.
  • Creating your brand’s voice.
  • Writing a tone of voice guide that describes how to use your brand’s voice when writing anything from adverts to terms and conditions.
  • Writing marketing materials and other copy in the right tone of voice.  
  • Providing training to help your brand’s voice stick across your organisation.

What my clients say

I have worked with Laura many times over the years and she always delivers to the brief. She has a fantastic ability to get to the heart of what you are trying to convey quickly and the tone is always spot on. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.
Julie Randall, director, Folio Albums
It is great working with Laura. She is very helpful and flexible. Besides that she manages to put our complex subjects into understandable texts.
Erica Meijer, brand and content marketer, Nedap
Laura has a rare mix of enthusiasm, diligence, integrity and fresh thinking which makes her a communicator like no other. Super-organised and an absolute pleasure to work with; I would not hesitate in recommending Laura.
Sarah Harrison, account director, Brandwidth

Let’s talk about how I can help you